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The Beauty of Tiffany

A photographic portfolio by Asael Dror
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"more than 50 arresting and often ethereal nude portraits..."

The Washington Post

The Beauty of Tiffany by Asael Dror -- book front cover

Tiffany Geigel is a dancer and an actress. She is 3’9” (115 cm) tall, due to Jarcho-Levin Syndrome (JLS) – a rare congenital disorder that causes malformation of the spine and bones. This portfolio reveals her beauty.

In our society there is exclusion of and discrimination against people with disabilities. The limited photographic works of people with visible disabilities present them as objects of pity, or worse. By contrast, this collection shows beauty and strength – challenging society’s prejudices and misconceptions of beauty.

Work from the collection was featured in the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Limited-edition prints are now available, directly from the artist.

"a coffee-table book containing 50 stunning color and black-and-white portraits... " The J. Weekly

The Beauty of Tiffany by Asael Dror -- book back cover


A book of the images is available from Amazon.

12x12" Hardcover, 74 Pages, with 50 images, and closing words by Tiffany.

ISBN 978-0-578-47272-0 LCCN 2019902833


Asael Dror photograph Close-up of Tiffany clasping her face from The Beauty of Tiffany book

"These images will take your breath away, and quite possibly rearrange your beliefs about beauty and what moves you. This is the only book of its kind, as startling as it is necessary.""

Mary-Louise Parker, Actress and Writer

Asael Dror photograph of Tiffany sitting streched out from The Beauty of Tiffany book

The Beauty of Tiffany is an exquisite portrait of one of my favorite dancers. The images are compelling, stunni

ng, and reveal Tiffany in sculptural and  iconic ways as well as deeply intimate and personal ones. I was struck by the deep sensitivity of the photographer and the openness of his subject.  Together they have created an elegant book of art that speaks to the absolute beauty of the human form.”

Heidi Latsky, Artistic Director and Choreographer, Heidi Latsky Dance

Asael Dror photograph of Tiffany standing with hands on knees from The Beauty of Tiffany book
Asael Dror photograph of Tiffany swirling from The Beauty of Tiffany book
Asael Dror photograph of Tiffany from behind and reaching up from The Beauty of Tiffany book

“Disability and beauty are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, Tiffany’s collection shows that people with disabilities are just strong, confident, and attractive as our nondisabled peers. Works like these are powerful tools that challenge society’s misconceptions of both people with disabilities and beauty.”

Commissioner Victor Calise of the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

Asael Dror photograph of Tiffany sitting on stairs with head back from The Beauty of Tiffany book

From Tiffany's closing words in the book:


“...The overall experience working with Asael has been wonderful and exciting. He makes it easy to feel extremely comfortable with every shoot, so that now when it’s time for a session, I am eager to pose for him, because I am excited to see what beautiful images he will capture. During the photo shoots is the only time and place where I can fully let go and not think or worry about someone judging my body or me. It allows me to be comfortable in my own skin.


I hope that this book will be able to open people’s minds about the meaning of beauty. I want the world to realize that no one is perfect; we all have some form of imperfection and disability. We do not have to fit society's mold of what is perfect, beautiful, attractive, and desirable. We are all human and we are all beautiful, in our own way...”

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