"Stairs" from The Beauty of Tiffany portfolio is on display at the de Young museum in San Francisco, October 10th till January 3rd.


In a hint of what's to come when life gets back to "normal", my work has been selected to be featured in the de Young museum in San Francisco.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and family issues, it is a slow year.


However, my work was just published in Medicina y Salud Pública magazine

(print and online).


The J. just printed an article about the book. You can see the digital version online.


The book The Beauty of Tiffany is now out of stock at Amazon, but should be back in stock in 2 weeks or so (If you "can't wait", please email me directly).


The Washington Post published a 6 page photo-essay of The Beauty of Tiffany, both in the printed Sunday Magazine (paywall), and a digital version online.


Today (July 26th) is the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Today we release The Beauty of Tiffany book!

Available on Amazon now!


"'..."The Beauty of Tiffany," which consists of more than 50 arresting and often ethereal nude portraits of a single subject..."

The Washington Post


The book The Beauty of Tiffany is available for pre-order on Amazon now!


"These images will take your breath away, and quite possibly rearrange your beliefs about beauty and what moves you. This is the only book of its kind, as startling as it is necessary."

Mary-Louise Parker, Actress and Writer


“The Beauty of Tiffany is an exquisite portrait of one of my favorite dancers. The images are compelling, stunning, and reveal Tiffany in sculptural and  iconic ways as well as deeply intimate and personal ones. I was struck by the deep sensitivity of the photographer and the openness of his subject.  Together they have created an elegant book of art that speaks to the absolute beauty of the human form.”

Heidi Latsky, Artistic Director and Choreographer, Heidi Latsky Dance


“Disability and beauty are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, Tiffany’s collection shows that people with disabilities are just strong, confident, and attractive as our nondisabled peers. Works like these are powerful tools that challenge society’s misconceptions of both people with disabilities and beauty.”

Commissioner Victor Calise of the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities


The book — The Beauty of Tiffany

12x12" Hardcover, 74 Pages, with 50 photographs, and closing words by Tiffany, will be released on the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — July 26, 2019.

ISBN 978-0-578-47272-0

LCCN 2019902833



Book signing event!

At the “Unfinished” performances of Heidi Latsky Dance, May 9th, 10th and 11th at Dixon Place, NYC.

A limited number of pre-release copies of the book will be available with your donation of $65 to Heidi Latsky Dance.

See Tiffany dance, donate to Heidi Latsky Dance, get a signed copy of The Beauty of Tiffany book!


Coming soon! The Beauty of Tiffany — The Book.

12x12" Hardcover, 74 Pages.

With 50 photographs, and closing words from Tiffany.


I finally gave in and am opening an Instagram account.

Please follow me as this will be the best way to be notified of what's new.


The web site is being reorganized and will be updated often in preparation for the launch of The Beauty of Tiffany project. Please visit often, and get updated about this groundbreaking photographic portfolio and book.